December 8, 2020

The nation is at a crossroads for our democracy. The people of our country are divided on a multitude of issues, and the level of trust and faith in our fellows, not to mention in our institutions and government, is at an all-time low.

A review of human history clearly shows that a house divided against itself cannot stand. The Constitution — our contract with our fellows — is at risk. Our society’s plumbing — the legislative process, the judicial process, the executive process — is failing; the technology of information and communication, transformation of the media…

Does Democracy work? In America today, are Americans as a people able to sort out the challenges both within our own country and with the rest of the world by means of the systems and processes of government that we have developed over the past 245 years?

We have had our crises before — from the early days of the republic to that greatest of threats, the War Between the States; in the Populist and Progressive eras straddling the turn of the 20th century; in the depths of the great Depression; and in our own times, during the upheavals of…

To be “American”

Born in New England, I have lived and worked here, in Japan, China, Wales — a nation of the U.K., and India. Wherever I go, I have often been asked: “what does it mean to be an American?”

First, what it does not mean to me. It is not “place,” it is not a hometown and memories of growing up. These are important parts of me, but they are not what I think of when I think of myself as an American. …

Courtesy of NASA

The Mars landing highlighted for me how America is different. It was not the scientific and engineering feat, the discipline, or the accomplishment itself, as incredible as these are. It was, rather, to see and hear from the project team and how that team illustrates why our journey through history is unprecedented.

The team of women and men is from so many ethnic, racial, and undoubtedly religious backgrounds. And somehow our country has made this work.

Correction: not “somehow.” …

Roger McDonald

Born and raised by the ocean in New England, lived in Japan, China, the U.K., India; Problem solver and mediator, lifelong passion to help make democracy work.

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